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Hello, I'm Sarah

Experienced Unity game developer and co-founder of PolyPirates

About Me

As a child, I always wanted to become a game developer, but I put this dream aside during my school education in order to “learn something useful”, as they used to say back then. My advanced technical college certificate in economics and administration and following apprenticeship as an office clerk was exciting, but not fulfilling. Therefore, I decided in my late twenties, despite having a secure job, to quit and take up a course of study.

Studying media technology reminded me of my earlier dreams and I specialized in app and game development. I was interested in the artistic side as well as in programming. The ability to make an entire game on my own fascinated me, so I wanted to expand my knowledge in all aspects of video game development. I also opened up to the world of serious games through my bachelor’s thesis, which I wrote about the problem of lack of exercise and proximity to nature while working at home in the Corona pandemic, and for which I developed an app to motivate users to take regular walks. I like using my strengths in game development to create applications that can help others, especially in the area of Mental Health.

I also explored the field of independent game development and founded the company PolyPirates with two former fellow students. Together we developed and published an innovative game called SnackHunter, which explores a new way of using the smartphone as a controller. Being self-employed gave me a much deeper insight into game development and allowed me to learn and experience a lot.


Technical Skills

Unity Engine 3D

Visual Studio

Microsoft Office

Autodesk Maya


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Illustrator 



Programming Languages

C# (advanced)

Java (basics)

C (basics)



Interpersonal Skills

Time management

Critical thinking








Agile Development (Kanban, SCRUM)

Network Development (Photon Engine)




German (native)

English (proficient)

Japanese (beginner)

Education & Experience

2005 - 2007 Advanced technical certificate

Business College, Erkelenz

2008 - 2011 Office administrator training

Metro Cash&Carry Germany, Düsseldorf

2016 - 2021 Bachelor of Engineering in Media Engineering

University of Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf

03/2011 – 08/2016 Purchasing assistant

Metro Cash&Carry Deutschland, Düsseldorf

09/2019 - 02/2020 Unity Developer Internship

Ahoiii Entertainment, Cologne

since 05/2021 Co-Founder and Unity Developer

PolyPirates, Düsseldorf

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Sarah Klomp.

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