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Once Upon a Rogue’s Tale

Release: 2024

Plattforms: PC

Genre: Roguelike, Deckbuilding, Strategy

Embark on a journey through your favorite fairytales in this charming roguelike deckbuilder.  Will you help Red Riding Hood find her grandmother or help the Frog Prince break his curse? How the story continues is up to you…

Kind Nature

Release: 2025

Plattforms: PC

Genre: Roguelike, Deckbuilding, Strategy

Kind Nature is a roguelike deckbuilding game with a board game look. Following a global energy crisis, the player finds themselves in a dystopian future version of Europe and must undertake dangerous missions in order to survive.


Release: July 2022

Plattforms: PC, Android, Apple

Genre: Party Game, Multiplayer, Family-friendly

Enchanted snacks face off against hungry mages in this chaotic game of hide-and-seek. Host SnackHunter on your PC and join with your friends on your smartphone. Whether online or locally, with up to 16 players, the party can start now!

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